SEVEN DAYS OF SAMSARA - 1998 - 2018 Discography DoLP

Aweseome discography by this legendary US Screamo band.

€ 25.00

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Double LP containing everything that the band released including:

Fuck Work 7''
Split 7'' w/ Cobra Kai
Split 7'' w/ Akarso
Split LP w/ Since By Man
A Reason to Sing CD (first time on vinyl)
The Instrumental (first time on vinyl)
Live on WNYU 7''

22 songs total all recently remastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

The record is packaged with a 16 page booklet, a 18'' x 24'' poster and a download code.

Limited to 300 copies. Random colour!
There is a limited european stock available. This is a preorder! The records will be deliverey in the beginning of march. We will ship asap then.

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