BOTANIST - IV: Mandragora LP

Black Metal

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Botanist, the un-conventional one-man black metal band featuring vocals, drums, and hammered dulcimer instrumentation releases it's fourth album. Combining lyrical creativity and musical ingenuity, IV: Mandragora is a concept record on the alchemical creation of a mandrake, and how the 'Botanist' is instructed on raising an army of mandrakes to wipe out humanity. Botanist's previous releases, I: The Suicide Tree; II: A Rose From The Dead (Tumult); and III Doom in Bloom (Total Rust) have seen much critical acclaim landing on lists such as NPR's 25 best metal albums of 2011, Metal Injection's top releases of 2011, and an honorable mention on Pitchfork's top 40 albums of 2011.

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